VNA Foundation Grants Infographic

The Details

VNA Foundation is a private, independent grantmaking foundation supporting home- and community-based health services to the disenfranchised. Each year for the past three, Lotsa Luck Design has transformed the data about their grantees and the demographics of the medically underserved populations they serve into an easy-to-read infographic.




Michele’s creativity, responsiveness, and attention to detail make Lotsa Luck a joy to work with from start to finish. Her ability to present our data in visually interesting ways brings our work alive and unfailingly attracts the interest of our target audiences and makes them want to know more. We started out wanting a simple year-end newsletter; what we got was a polished piece we are proud to use as our foundation’s calling card. We look forward to additional projects with Lotsa Luck.

Robert N. DiLeonardi

Executive Director , VNA Foundation

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